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Beat Your Workout Boredom

Sometimes we get set in our ways and it’s a good thing. We follow a routine, a trend of sorts to help us better accomplish our goals in and out of the gym. But, sometimes we can hit a plateau. Mentally and physically our bodies just stop producing results. We don’t get the same positive emotional benefits from exercising like we did when we were eager to start a new venture and we just simply lost interest.

Depending on your overall fitness and health goals, you can alter your current lack luster workout regime to begin seeing those positive results again. Simply switching the order of your workout if you are in a circuit style of training can really make a difference in how your body burns calories during your workout, because you are placing physical stress on your body in a format that it is not used to.

Are you feeling less motivated at the beginning of your workouts? Can’t stand the 5-10 minute trot on the treadmill one more second? Shock your metabolism and your spirits, with a cardiovascular circuit of 2 minute intervals on different machines performing one motion for the 2 minutes before switching to the next exercise or machine. Or, pick up a jump rope and skip for 60 seconds, then perform jumping jacks for 60 seconds and repeat the combination for a total of 10 minutes without stopping!

Whatever you choose, remember to stretch! Not only is stretching after completing your workout essential for your muscle recovery and growth, but it’s also a great way to ease stress mentally and emotionally. Take the time to recant on your workout and be proud of your training for the day. Did you lift heavier today? Did you last longer? Feel stronger? Meditate , breathe and ease your stresses as you complete your workout with a soothing and relaxing stretch routine. Sit in the sauna or steam room and relax while re-hydrating. You could even join a yoga or Pilates group to meet new people and socialize with others who may have similar fitness goals. They may have advice that could help you and vice versa!

The options are endless when it comes to switching things up and your body will gladly thank you for doing so! Try this mixed martial arts styled 30 minute circuit for a cardiovascular and endurance challenge that is sure to “mix” things up a bit!

Materials you will need:
Boxing gloves
Hanging or free standing bag
Cushioned mat for situps
80-150lb detached bag for drills

Each drill is performed for 2-minutes with no rest in between. After the circuit is completed (10mins) rest for 2-3minutes and start over again! This time stronger, harder, faster! Try to complete three full rounds! Ready, set, go!!!

2mins Standing facing the bag-alternating jabs
2mins Standing give alternating knee strikes to bag
2mins On mat with legs locked around base of bag- full situps
2mins Pick up loose bag and carry for 50yrds, back and forth
2mins Kneeling at or Straddling bag- alternating punches (ground and pound)
REST FOR 2-3mins