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Cognitive Health Supplements, A No-Brainer

Cognitive health is becoming a topic that people cannot seem to get off of their minds. The various diseases that the elderly brain can suffer from have moved to the forefront of health consciousness and surveys show that the number one biggest fear of the aging population is losing mental/brain capacity and becoming a burden on their family and loved ones. Alzheimer's disease for one has climbed up to the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. with about $148 billion worth of costs each year. Thirteen million people worldwide are currently affected by the disease with an estimated 10 million of the country's Baby Boomers expected to develop the disorder at some point. A new acceptance of nutrition's role in brain function is rapidly growing as increased nutritional research confirms the importance of supplement usage.

In a survey conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute on the general population of the United States, almost three quarters of the participants admitted that memory loss is a major concern in their lives and of those individuals, only 13% feel as though they are satisfied with the effort that they are making to remain healthy in this area. The importance of using foods and supplements to prevent and treat conditions of cognitive decline is surfacing and thankfully the market for brain health products is expanding as well. More people are becoming aware of the significance.

One product that has documented heart and neurological benefits is CoQ10. It is heavily involved in cellular energy production and is right now the focus of brain-enhancing nutrients. Organs like the heart, liver, and brain have the highest CoQ10 concentrations since they have the highest energy requirements and when there are shortages of CoQ10 in the body the first place that is affected is the heart and second, the brain. Numerous studies on CoQ10 show an obvious halt in the progression of cognitive disorders when present at abundant levels, and when partnered with vitamin E studies show improved brain activity in the affected areas in Alzheimer's disease patients.

CoQ10 is present primarily in the mitochondrion and is an essential part of the body's energy generation. The mitochondrion is known as the cellular powerhouse, and is responsible for the process of how 95% of the body's energy is produced. They control the cell cycle and cell growth, and as the vital mitochondrion age, they tend to develop defects. Along with mitochondrion defects comes reduced cellular energy production, cell death, and dysfunction of the heart and brain. CoQ10, being an essential ingredient in the mitochondrion's processes, substantially helps in keeping them healthy from defects.

Becoming conscious and choosing to make an effort towards cognitive health is essential. Increased nutritional research and the rapid expansion of the cognitive nutrition market offers a way for ensured healthy mental aging.