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Female Bodybuilding

Summer is upon us. You’ve been working hard to get your body shaped and toned to your liking. Now it’s time to suit up and hit the beach! However, if you don’t feel up to par, there’s no need to worry! You can still try some of these tips to see results quickly and start feeling great about your body! It is a common misconception that “bodybuilding” will make your body look like a lean-mean muscle machine. The “lean-mean” part wouldn’t be so bad, though. Thankfully, building muscle leads to fat loss and a nice, toned body. However, it is important to train the correct way to see the toned and shaped results you want.

Tip 1: Diet is extremely important! Eat a healthy six to eight small meals each day. Eating healthy is usually easier said than done. Stay focused and remember by eating smaller healthy meals, you’ll begin burning calories right away and continue burning them throughout the day. Adding protein to these small meals will help build and enhance muscles and their appearance.

Tip 2: Work out every day! Your workout doesn’t have to be incredibly hard. Your workout should be 45 minutes to an hour every day. Warm up with some cardio for about 10-15 minutes. Then strength train. Alternate the muscle groups you’re focusing on each day. Give at least two days of rest to each muscle group.

Tip 3: Alternate Cardio and Strength Training days. A 10-15 minute cardio warm-up each day is a great start to a results-oriented workout. A “cardio day” would include a “full-blown” 40-60 minute cardio workout. This type of workout could include running, biking, swimming, etc. Doing cardio after strength-training only damages muscles further so they will not be able to rebuild. Doing Cardio 3 days a week and strength-training 4 days a week or vice versa will gain results quickly.

Tip 4: To tone muscles, strength-training exercises should consist of 10-15 repetitions and three to four sets per exercise. Slowly and gradually add weight to each exercise as repetitions become easier. A rule of thumb would be to add a few pounds every other week.

Like any exercise program, toning takes discipline and determination, but doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. Stay focused and make it fun! Choose effective exercises that you enjoy doing. It’ll be easier to complete workouts each day and continue everyday if you’re enjoying what you’re doing! You’ll be very pleased with your results!!