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Protein is found in many different foods and meat such as fish, beef, and chicken are the most popular sources. But of the many protein sources you can find, whey protein is the finest. It is a milk derivative, separated out in the process of converting milk into cheese. Whey protein is recognized as an essential part of building and maintaining muscle tissue due to its ability to provide branched-chain amino acids directly to the body.

Almost all bodybuilders know the importance of supplementing with whey protein. It gives the body an optimal amount of nutrition for performance not only for physical activity but also for the immune system. When this is coupled with exercise, bodies are on their way to becoming finely tuned machines. Whey contains all of the essential amino acids that should be present in a daily diet which will constantly improve body composition and enhance athletic performance.

Of any natural food source whey protein is the richest in BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) which are metabolized directly into muscle tissue. Therefore in strength training and exercise, whey protein will keep the muscles replenished and help repair and rebuild the broken down tissue caused by strenuous activity. Leucine, another amino acid found in whey, is responsible for muscle synthesis and growth and when compared to soy protein, 50% more leucine can be found in whey, promoting more lean muscle and less fat.

Whey is considered fast protein since it is easily digested, quickly absorbed, and rapid nourishment for the body's muscles. It helps maintain a healthy immune system and counteracts protein deficiency which is common in athletes and body builders who do not supplement correctly. When a body is worked out often these protein levels become depleted and the protein levels in foods is not enough. Whey is the most effective solution to optimize the protein intake and fuel your body with enough of what it needs to perform at its best. Think of it this way; a diesel truck needs more of, and a higher quality of fuel than a compact car does, and when the body is working like a truck but running on cheaper fuel, it can be detrimental.

About 50g of protein should be consumed a day for people who work out and participate in athletic activities daily. For body builders 100 to 150g is safe for those who train extremely hard and are serious about muscle gain and fat loss. Whey protein has been considered an essential part of training for athletes and bodybuilders for quite some time and is widely recognized to be just as important as the training is on the path to a lean and muscular physique.