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Growth Stimulus Training

There are many different ways to train. From P-90X to Insanity to HIIT new training programs are popping up all over the place. Growth Stimulus Training or GST, moves you from lifting light weight to heavy in a period of around four weeks. This four week period is known as a macrocycle. GST works off of a four workout cycle in which there is 36-48 hours of recovery between workouts. There are four main concepts of GST, Scheduled Strength/Intensity Progression, Rotating Sets and Intensity Schemes, Max Stimulus Exercise Selection and Recovery and Work Time.

Each of the core workouts focus on a core lift or compound movement. As the program progresses, there is an increase in the weight for each core workout while the amount of reps decrease. This may seem simply but it is very intense and difficult to say the least. Following the core lift, there are two or three supplemental lifts. Once these lifts are selected, you are to remain using these lifts for the duration of one cycle, which is a period of four weeks. There is a great benefit to rotating your sets and intensity schemes. Sets and reps vary on a bi-weekly basis and alternating between multiple sets increases your progression time.

The key to picking your core movement is selecting something that you feel will be a true compound exercise. Remember, this exercise you will be doing for a period of four weeks so you must really have confidence in that movement. Your form on this exercise must be excellent and the movement must be pure and precise. For example, your movement will not be hamstring isolation curls. That is too simple of an exercise. For legs, your movement will be something more like a barbell squat, front squat, or back squat. It will be something that combines multiple muscles and challenges your entire body in an intense way. This will maximize your results with GST.