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Kickstart Your Cardio With H.I.I.T.

Fitness programs are popping up all over the place. From P-90X to Zumba, there are lots of different training styles to choose from. One in particular is High Intensity Interval Training. It is a speed-training technique that involves fast-paced timed movements and exercises. Interval times can vary from person to person but results from these type of training have shown to be quite effect for fat loss. One study showed an increase in resting metabolic heart rate which is a key in how your body utilizes its energy. Here are some keys to proper H.I.I.T. training.

Making sure you use a standard interval timer is very important. Whether it is a phone app, a stopwatch or a kitchen timer, you will need to have a timer that you can use consistently. A good interval timer should include a stopwatch setting, lap setting and a timer setting to keep your intervals consistent.

Choose the most challenging exercises. This is key to proper interval training. Your exercises that you pick should be difficult ones. They should be ones that challenge your body in every way. Make sure you have a safe area to perform these exercises and stay conscious of all injuries and body weaknesses before performing intervals. You should feel tested in each interval and try to complete as many segments or rounds as possible.

Resting in between sets is very important. If your interval time is sixty seconds, then your rest time should be a maximum of sixty seconds no more. For example, if one of your interval exercises is a sixty second sprint, you would immediately rest for sixty seconds after your sprint until the next round begins. This same action would repeat regardless of the exercise being performed. This gives your body immediate time to recover.