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Maltodextrin is a polysaccride sweetener that can be very beneficial if used properly. It is a healthy substitute to sugars and other artificial sweeteners which can be potentially dangerous. Maltodextrin is considered by many to be a healthy carbohydrate source. It can be potentially helpful to those dealing with type II diabetes or bodybuilder athletes who are trying to stay in shape. Using this supplement as a sugar substitute can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

This starch compound is produced from partial hydrolysis and is commonly found as a white powder. It is a formation of glucose-chained bonds that vary from three to 17 units long. Maltodextrin can be derived from any starch compound. In the United States, that compound is usually corn but however in other countries, it is commonly wheat. Even when maltodextrin is derived from wheat, it is still gluten-free thus being healthy for individuals that are gluten intolerant.

Maltose, also known as malt sugar, is the disaccharide formed from two glucose units of glucose. Maltose has a fairly sweet taste almost as sweet as glucose or fructose. In China and Hong Kong, maltose is a familiar ingredient in confectionery. It is sometimes consumed between two layers of crackers. Maltose is very important to the brewing process. The process by which amylases convert the cereal's starches into maltose is known as mashing.

Dextrin is a group of low weight carbohydrates produced by starch. The process is usually aided by the use of enzymes such as amylases. Dextrins can be white, yellow, or brown powders that can be fully water soluble. British gum is made from dextrins. These are white or yellow in color and roasted with little or no acid.