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No Pain No Gain

As the body of science continues to grow, more and more useful information comes about to keep people informed on the best fitness practices. Discoveries are made and new and improved approaches to specific results kick traditional ways of thinking to the curb. But what is the definition of physically fit? Some will argue that the definition of physically fit is the ability to perform work of maximum intensity i.e. with weights, where strength training is the focus and muscular definition and development alone determine the shape a person is in. Others would say that the true definition of fitness lies in aerobic endurance and the ability to endure moderate physical activity over extended periods of time. But isn't it possible to be able to toss 400lbs over your head and not be able to jog half a mile? And isn't it possible to be able to win a triathlon and look like a string bean?

Everyone will have their own definition of fitness but the truth is in order to be truly physically fit you have to be fit in all elements of conditioning which are: the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. There is no easy way to accomplish absolute fitness in all of these categories and traditional approaches are starting to be recognized as sufficient but inferior, and old fashioned.

Maximum effort training is becoming more popular as studies continue to back up the more effective results. This type of training involves explosive sprinting and lifting weight lifting routines where the intensity of the exercise exceeds the body's ability to supply oxygen to muscles. You push your body to the limit with these short, more intense workouts and the heart rate will be 25 to 30 beats higher than those of low-intense steady aerobics. Maximum effort workouts burn off fat at extremely higher rates and the heart is working so much that it actually becomes stronger, and performing lesser intense activities becomes effortless with time. Muscle strengthening and heart-pounding cardiovascular activities are incorporated together with these routines.

Strength training not only will help you in your journey to ultimate physical fitness but as studies show, it significantly lowers cholesterol levels as well as blood glucose levels which will help in the fight against heart disease and diabetes. Also multiple short explosive sprints as opposed to jogging will give your entire body much more of a workout in a fraction of the time. You will feel the burn and see the results at an alarming rate, and over the course of time power and endurance will sky rocket. Pushing your body to the limit with these exercises is no easy task but the benefits are much more attractive. Remember no pain, no gain.

Short spurt, high intensity, full effort workouts prove to be more effective than conventional moderate intensity routines. It is more sensible to warm up to exercising with traditional low intensity cardio, pushups and sit-ups but for maximum fitness, Max effort training is the next step. In fact athletic and military trainers have been practicing these routines for years. Those are two groups who definitely need their bodies to perform at their best at all times. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or run a tight schedule trying to squeeze in some activity, this approach should prove to be the perfect solution to maximize your body and help reach total fitness.

One of the most important rules when beginning and continuously implementing this type routine is to rest every third day and be sure to nurture your body with what it needs to replenish its working parts. It's time to work hard and make the switch to reap the benefits at alarming rates with no time taken out of your day.