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Rise and Shine

Want to burn some excess fat and reap the benefits of your workouts faster? Exercise first thing in the morning! There are plenty of benefits to starting off your day with a great sweat, and it is a proven scientific fact that exercise in the morning before breakfast, is the best time to engage in physical activity for immediate results. Early morning workouts will completely wake you up, burn more fat, and kick start your metabolism which will help continue to burn calories at an elevated rate throughout the day.

Studies show that morning exercise burns three times as much fat as working out at any other time of the day. Working out for at least thirty minutes to an hour first thing in the morning will triple your results, and it is a fact. Throughout the day the main source of energy that your body uses comes from carbohydrates that you get with your meals. However while your body is resting overnight, those carbohydrates are used up for the bodily functions that occur during sleep. Therefore in the morning when the carbohydrates are at their most scarce levels, the body looks to then burn fat for the energy it needs to carry on a workout routine. It is important not to eat anything before you begin the routine because you do not want to give your body carbohydrates to work off of, leaving only fat to be burned to fuel the exercise.

There are other benefits that come along with this approach that also can be extremely beneficial. For one, morning workouts will free up the rest of your day, allowing you to be more focused on work, and leave you able to enjoy your evening activities without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Also by completing your workout early in the morning, you will not have any excuse for not doing it. After long painful workdays it is easy to blow off the gym and make up every excuse in the book as to why it's just not feasible to work out that day. In the morning, your mind and body are fresh and ready to go and this can be the answer to the largest obstacle in exercise; dedication.

Lastly, that healthy feeling you get after a workout would be great to have to carry on with you throughout the day. After a workout you feel stress free, alert, and healthy. You will avoid unhealthy foods, be in a better mood and just have a healthy mind set and glow to you for the rest of the day. Morning workouts will not only help to burn fat faster but it will provide an adrenaline rush and give a feeling of accomplishment and confidence that will carry on throughout the day. By training in the morning, you'll wake up faster, be sharper mentally, lose weight faster, save time, and let your day wind down when you get off of work so you can rest easier.