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The Importance of Rest

There are many factors that contribute to following a fitness and health plan. Proper exercise and healthy eating are two of the more common ones but rest must also be added to the equation. Adequate rest can contribute to restoring glycogen to the muscle tissue and well as preventing injury and even promote muscle growth. When used properly, rest days can be very productive to your overall training and fitness program.

Rest days don’t always have to be inactive ones. You can do a workout at 20-30% of your maximum routine to still break a sweat. Taking an easy day can still help your body recover and depending on how many total days you train, one or two of these can be added into your weekly routine. It is important to remain below 60% of your maximum heart rate during your easy day.

Resting can even help restore glycogen to the tissues of the body. It is important to replace the lost glycogen we use during exercise. Eating complex carbohydrates is one way to help replace this glucose. A few good carbohydrate sources are whole-wheat pasta, rice, and even legumes. On your rest day, make sure you properly fuel your body so you can continue your training program feeling your best.

Taking time off can help you also prevent injuries. A lot of injuries occur from over-training. Adding proper rest in your training program can help decrease the chances for injury to occur. People who train on consecutive days are more likely to have an injury. Having a training program that requires five days or more of training must have proper rest. This will enable your muscles to have adequate time to recover and also help lessen the chance of overtraining.