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Train the Right Whey

It is obvious that if you are seeking to improve your performance in a particular sport, athletic endeavor, or just interested in improving your physical fitness level that you must engage in regular and intense forms of exercise, and training. What is frequently overlooked though is that the degree to which an individual can adequately recover from exercise is crucial in determining overall success because the quicker you recover, the harder, and more frequently you can train. The harder you train, the faster you see results.

Many bodybuilders do not gain the amount of muscle mass they expect because they simply do not understand the importance of protein. Protein is the most important nutrient and needs to be present in the diet of a bodybuilder at all times in order for muscle growth to take place. Protein is found in almost every cell in your body, and no other nutrient has a larger job in keeping you alive and healthy. It is important for the growth and repair of your bones, tendons, skin, ligaments, hair, and eyes, in addition to your muscles. It also aids metabolism, digestion and other important bodily processes. Taking protein, post workout is absolutely crucial to preserve lean mass, and help repair muscle and connective tissue damage caused by strenuous activity.

It must be understood that protein balance is just as important as the training is in building muscle. It's simple, if your body makes more muscle protein than you break down, your muscles will increase in size and strength. Conversely, if you break down more protein than your body makes, your muscles will tend to get smaller and weaker. A good protein balance will maximize your long awaited results.

On a daily basis you should consume adequate amounts of protein. High quality protein supplements in addition to a proper diet will load your body up with fuel for a work out. And remember post workout supplementing is just as important as the actual workout. Have a protein shake at the completion of your training session to help develop your muscles, and help repair the damage your body underwent to get ready for the next session. Some amino acids have also proven to be especially essential and effective for post workout recovery. For example L-Glutamine makes up approximately 60 percent of the amino acids in skeletal muscle. Also directly before bed, consume a drink containing both whey and a slow release protein like micellar casein. This combination of proteins will cause a steady release of amino acids during the period where your body fasts and repairs itself the most.

Do not waste your time in the gym by underestimating the importance of protein in your diet. Give your body what it needs to perform at its best.