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Why Women Should Take Whey Protein Supplements

Whey protein is a dietary supplement that has been around for quite some time with overwhelming health benefits.  These health benefits include facilitating weight loss in women.  Most women have the perception that whey protein will actually make them bulk up and gain weight, however quite the opposite is true.  While there are products on the market such as weight gainer, the nutritional composition is dramatically different than that of a whey protein isolate.  

Whey protein isolate contains approximately 25 grams of protein per serving, zero carbohydrates, zero fat, and only 110 calories per shake when mixes with water.  The benefit of protein is that is gives your body a positive nitrogen balance and prevents dips and spikes in your blood sugar which can lead to overeating.  Whey protein is easily digested and makes for a great post-workout meal.  The benefits also include reducing cholesterol levels and body fat, supporting a health immune system, and preserving lean muscle mass needed to maintain a high metabolism.  

While women typically fear that they will bulk up, they fail to realize that this is a huge misconception.  Women do not have the essential hormones required to build large muscle mass found in men..Female bodybuilders have to take hormonal supplements to intentionally build large muscular mass.  The idea behind whey protein for women is to increase muscle tone to accelerate your metabolism therefore.

Whey protein is one the healthiest, most cost effective supplements and meal replacers available for everyone including women.  It is a quick healthy snack or complete meal replacement for long-term energy, lean muscle building and weight control.  Women should seriously consider whey protein as part of a healthy living strategy for overall heath, wellness, and weight loss.